Central Coast Restoration Ministries

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Herb and Cindy Soares reside in Santa Maria which is in the heart of the Central Coast of California. Their heart's passion is to see God's people walking a fully restored and renewed life; thus the reason for bringing a healing organization to this area and choosing the name Central Coast Restoration Ministries.

In 1996 Herb and Cindy participated in the RTF (Restoring the Foundations) Thorough Format Ministry themselves and were so impacted that they came to the conclusion that this type of ministry was the call on their lives. They decided that they wanted to share this ministry with others too.

They began using the concepts of RTF but soon found that God was moving them into something deeper. So in 2007, they became qualified and joined the RTF team and birthed CCRM Ministries.

CCRM enables them to work with all people whether inside or outside of church settings. There is a wonderful freedom to minister to anyone who desires to be healed and become a world changer which is the personal goal of Herb and Cindy.