What is Restoring the Foundations Ministry?

Restoring the Foundations Ministry is an integrated approach to healing. Every door that is opened to the enemy must be closed in order to receive complete and lasting healing. The four open doors or areas that we address are as follows:

SOFC – Sins of The Fathers and Resulting Curses
UGB – Ungodly Beliefs
SSH – Soul Spirit Hurts
DO – Demonic Oppression


The first area or open door, concerns ancestral sins which can result in curses coming upon our lives through no fault of our own.
Exodus 20:4-5

  • 'God is a jealous God visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.'
  • Iniquities are sins that we seem to have no control over as they are sins or habits passed down from generation to generation. Like an outstanding debt they draw us over and over again into the same sins.

We must appropriate the Blood of Jesus and His finished work on the cross to break the effects of these sins on our lives.

UNGODLY BELIEFS (UGB)This second open door addresses our belief system that does not agree with God's word, nature or character and affects our perception, decisions and actions.

  • Some UGBs are inherited from our ancestors but most are formed from hurtful circumstances and experiences in our lives. They provide open doors or legal permission  for demonic activity  because we are in agreement with the devil rather than God.
  • These UGBs must be changed to Godly Beliefs and this is accomplished through a carefully structured procedure of repentance and renouncing followed by receiving Gods truth to renew our minds as we are told to do in Romans 12:2
  • “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is”.
  • As our minds become renewed we think more like God, and come into agreement with His will.


Soul spirit hurts are areas in our souls that have been closed down by traumas, pain, and other debilitating circumstances. It involves an in depth healing of the memory brought to remembrance by Holy Spirit.

  • In this session you ask Holy Spirit to bring to remembrance a memory that He desires to heal.
  • Often times the person is able to re-experience the memory and identify the negative emotions. We then invite Jesus to come and take them through the memory, with Him in charge. Incredible things happen during this time, helping them to see and understand things that they never understood before and then they are able to release their negative emotions to Jesus.  He is always faithful to heal what he reveals.
  • The Soul Spirit Hurt session is usually the most memorable part of the Ministry

Mk 16:17 'And these signs shall follow them that believe.  In my name they shall cast out devils'

We can see from this scripture that God has given the believer authority to cast out demons. Once the doors have been closed the enemy is now a trespasser and must leave when ordered to do so. 

Demonic oppression concludes the sessions now that all the other doors have been closed and demons no longer have legal access to the person's soul. Christians need to be aware that demons can oppress and inhabit them if the right doors of legal access are opened that allow them to come in.

These four areas of ministry provide a systematic process in which the powerful life changing principles of God's word are applied to these problems. The team closely follows the leading of the Holy Spirit resulting in healing and freedom.

In the process, you have an ongoing opportunity to encounter the life transforming power of God’s unconditional love, and you will learn how to work with the Holy Spirit for continued healing and freedom.  RTF restores and cleanses the very foundations of a person’s life.


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