"RTF, no words can come close, but my life had a true epiphany on that July afternoon. Serving the Lord for over 39 years Cindy & Herb opened me up to now how the Lord truly choose me for His own, and all they really did is listen to the Holy Spirit and asked the RIGHT questions and let Him do the work. I now walk with a total and complete understanding of what Jesus Christ means to me, and how He works in my life. This was nothing short of a miracle in my life and I know you can have one too. I would tell anyone who no matter how long you have been serving the Lord to go through RTF. Just do it. I did, all you loose is yourself."

Jim Zimmer

"My name is David and I want everyone to know, the Ministry of RTF, with Herb and Cindy Soares, was the most important ministry decision that has influenced my life, since I was a Believer, amen. This couple was so gentle yet firm enough to help me through a very painful process. Their Integrity is above reproach. Their genuineness has no competitors and their spirituality is supernatural. I would drive 100 miles one way if needed to allow them to minister to me. I urge you, if you are reading this testimony, don’t let another day go by without experiencing this couple and the Integrative Approach of the RTF Ministry. Today, I’m free and you can be too!!!!! It will be the biggest decision of your life."


Central Coast Restoration Ministries


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