Thorough Format Ministry

Sometimes we’re simply overwhelmed. We’ve been holding it together for so long, the beginning and end of things become blurred. Maybe we can’t even point to a single issue that’s bothering us. There may be many issues and some seem to be related and others not – it can be confusing.

Restoring the Foundations knows that the fabric can get quite tangled. The Thorough Format ministry experience examines the four sources of problems that we all experience. As you go through the ministry experience, God will reveal patterns and cause and effect relationships–suddenly, understanding will emerge. Often times you can point to several troubling issues, but at other times issues are uncovered that start to shed light on and make sense of circumstances in our lives we didn’t quite understand. While the approach is systematic and thorough, God is tender and loving in revealing and healing our hurt. 

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To help you prepare for your ministry time with us we recommend you order the Ministry Receiver’s Preparation Packet at your earliest convenience and at least two weeks prior to your ministry date.  It contains helpful information. Please CLICK HERE to order the "Ministry Receiver's Preparation Packet."  You will receive all you need to prepare for Thorough Format Ministry.

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Central Coast Restoration Ministries

During the 15 hours of ministry, we will apply the foundational truths to each source of the problems and systematically address the spiritual root causes as God graciously prepares our hearts and minds to receive His love. We’ll begin by getting to know one another and spend about three hours asking you questions and letting you clarify the issues and history in your life. The following four sessions will each focus on one of the four source areas. Married couples will have a joint session at the beginning and end of the ministry time


Initial Couple Session for Married Couples
Interview (3 hours)
Generational Sins (3 hours)
Ungodly Beliefs (3 hours)
Life’s Hurts (3 hours)
Demonic Oppression (3 hours)
Final Couple Session for Married Couples

Fee: $1250 Individual/ $2450 Couples

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